We believe, that objects, shapes and colors can evoke emotions in people. The world of Georgian ornaments is so rich, sophisticated and diverse, that it is impossible to leave a person indifferent. We decided to bring these unique ornaments into our everyday life and display them onto home and personal accessories.

The chronicle of “Old Table” traces back to its inception in 1998, when Zurab Alania pioneered the restoration of the iconic Georgian “Blue Tablecloth”. Originally it was a humble family endeavor, each tablecloth was meticulously hand-painted with two distinct designs. One was a recreation of the “Blue Tablecloth”, restored with subtle modifications and christened the “Royal” tablecloth. The second one was the exquisite “Sanadimo” tablecloth, a harmonious amalgamation of various “Blue Tablecloth” ornaments and the creator’s unique vision.

In the year 2020, Giorgi Alania and Tekla Erkvanidze took over the leadership, propelling “Old Supra” into the contemporary brand. Expanding its reach across social media platforms and establishing physical outlets in prominent shopping malls, the brand underwent a transformation, enhancing and modernizing its production processes significantly. The incorporation of cutting-edge digital printing technology enabled the brand to meet burgeoning demand and witness a meteoric rise in productivity. Moreover, the brand embraced the incorporation of practical functionality alongside the decorational aspect, making strides with its pioneering digital printing technology. Customers were presented with 100% natural cotton fabric, unyielding to multiple washes and high temperatures, preserving colors and clarity with utmost finesse. This unique amalgamation of properties for cotton fabric made “Old Supra” a trailblazer in the market.

We want our designs to beautify people’s environment and daily life, to create the right mood at the right time; And to let the immense world of Georgian ornament acquire a practical purpose, as well as the thoughts and actions of our forefathers to merge with our modernity forever.

“In the footsteps of tradition, always in search of something new.”

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